Our Environmental Commitments



Our commitments

Travel in electric vehicles

Progressive equipment in 100% electric vehicles.

We offer transfers to and from the train station or airport of your choice in 100% electric cars.

Eco-responsible products and materials

Use of eco-responsible furnishing fabrics, especially for the stuffing of comforters and pillows, or eco-designed bedding with recycled materials.

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Since 2020, planting of 24 olive trees and more than 60 shrubs on the entire property.

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Water management

Creation of a borehole at a depth of more than 220 meters, for the management of all watering. Equipment with a water-saving plumbing system with a recycling and storage system.

Installation of water regulators to reduce water consumption, a sustainable sanitation solution.

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Electricity management

Low consumption light bulbs.

Intelligent radiator management, aligned with real time needs.

Energy efficient heat pump system.

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Food cycle

Development of relationships with local producers and suppliers who are eco-responsible in order to promote short cycles.

Creation of a vegetable garden and use of organic waste as fertilizer on this plot. A beehive implantation supervised by a local beekeeper was carried out and the harvested honey is distributed on site.

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Management of packaging, sorting and waste

Selective sorting, compacting of waste, composting.



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