Your starred restaurant near Gordes: La Table de Xavier Mathieu

Looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant near Gordes that's more than just a memorable dining experience? Welcome to La Table de Xavier Mathieu, in the heart of Le Phébus & Spa hotel.

A Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of the Luberon, an exceptional setting for an unforgettable meal

As you enter the hotel Le Phébus & Spa you'll quickly realize that the world is a bit different between these ancient stone walls and this typically Provencal farmhouse listed as a Monument Historique. It's here, in the midst of the Provençal vegetation, that the Mathieu family has made its home, and with it La Table de Xavier Mathieu your Michelin-starred restaurant near Gordes. The chef has Provence running through his veins, the sound of cicadas and the wind in the lavender waking him up every morning. His regionHe loves it, he cherishes it, and he offers it to you on a plate from this Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant in the Vaucluse. His creativity and inventiveness are regularly put to the test to offer an ever-changing menu, but always based on the fundamentals he's been working on for years.

La Table de Xavier Mathieu, your Michelin-starred restaurant near Roussillon

You haven't yet sat down to eat, or tasted the first course at this Michelin-starred restaurant near Gordes, but you already know that you're in for a treat. The elegance of the table, the view of the terrace and the Luberon massif in the distance, the art of savoir-vivre masterfully cultivated in this establishment, all ensure a meal of rare quality.

But this Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant in Provence is also a Provencal village restaurant. Le Café de la Fontaine Le Café de la Fontaine, as it's called, is set around the restaurant's fountain, where you can enjoy simpler, more convivial dishes in a Pagnol-style atmosphere. A dinner in the chef's kitchens or a dinner in the heart of the vegetable garden, Le Phébus & Spa also offers new and exciting experiences. Spa offers gourmets in search of a true gastronomic initiation in this Michelin-starred restaurant near Gordes.

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